the “House Party”

There are few things In this life that I am MORE fond of than a house party… Especially if it’s a house party in the valley…. In fact, if I could put peanut butter ON the house party that would be it for me… #1 most favorite thing of all time ever.

I cant help it though… Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit cheap, maybe it’s because I love chips, or maybe it’s because red solo cups remind me of Jillian Meyers’ MGMT combo…. Damn that was a good one.

Last night Laura Quinn celebrated her 25th birthday in exquisite house party style.  The party featured wood floors (crucial), pool, beer pong, DJ, Karaoke, and stand up from the one and only “cornbread”…

All those in attendance, Taresa Espinosa, Mike Vargas, JD mcElroy (that guy is EVERYWHERE), Ava Bernstine and Luke Broadlick, (on a break from Britney) and apparently Eddie Morales is still on his way.

Highlight of the night for me was the “bad dance battle” between Johnny Erasme and Brandon Barton… Unfortunately they are so good… That had me missing the Harlem Shake…

The night ended early for me. As I had an early work out this morning… That I slept through.  I hope everyone had a good “safe” time, and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY little Laura!!!

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