Andy Pellick and Lauren Adams… in their element.

I don’t believe in “best”, I believe in “better”. I believe that “best” is an infinitely unattainable end point and “better” is our journey to get there… That was, until this weekend at least…

In our closing showcase at NYCDA Chicago, Joe announced “something VERY special”. He did not mention that we were about to see the BEST thing ever… And I’m glad he didn’t because I wouldn’t have believed him. I had to see it to believe it.

Lauren sat in anticipation in the audience, and Andy took the stage. For the next 4 minutes the audience sat in complete awe.  I watched as Andy escaped from the conceptual box that i keep people and their physical capabilities in. He renovated my understanding of human anatomy, and at least three laws of physics.

I couldn’t contain my outbursts. Every few seconds, a noise would escape, muffled by my hands, clasped in front of my mouth.  A handful of mini’s would turn to see what animal broke into the ballroom and got stepped on… then they would return their eyes to the stage and their jaws to the floor.

Now that I have dried my eyes and collected my thoughts, I can say that the most amazing/ memorable/ breathtaking thing about that 4 minutes was the intersection (in time, place, and otherwise) of two artists at their “best”. Two artists COMPLETELY in their element.

Two artists doing what they were born to do, and sharing it with the world!

What do you think the “best” part of this is?

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There is not another person I could think of that would be better and more entertaining to put on a show about how dance revolves around life. You'll break a leg watching!!"
-Joey Dowling