More Than Moves TV, Episode 1


3 Responses to More Than Moves TV, Episode 1

  1. Jennifer Parker

    My daughter Hunter Parker took your class at the NYCDA convention today in Phoenix and abosutely loved it!! You are amazing! Thank you so much!


  2. Nancy Thornton

    I love this!! Congrats Dana!! And everyone involved…man…you had so many of my favorite people in there–Wanted to jump through my computer screen and hang out!! My face hurts from smiling. Gonna need to warm it up before I watch the next episode.


  3. Alexis

    Thank you Dana so much for putting on this show because you are one of my role models and I love to learn from you. I absolutly love going to NYCDA in Chicago and take classes from you. I love your teaching style! It’s so fun and crazy! I also love your mustache tattoo. Its awesome!!! Thanks again,
    Alexis Z

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