More Than Moves TV EPISODE 3

Sonya Tayeh talks about “So You Think You Can Dance”, training, and her childhood. Kathryn Mccormick and Vienne perform an original piece, and Dana Wilson cannot stop laughing at her own jokes. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!!!

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These boots were made to last.

From box step to peppermint twist, and of course a stampede of ponies, this video truly has it ALL…. except for maybe one thing… What do YOU think of Nancy Sinatra’s video for “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”? (please keep in mind it was released in 1966;-)

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Making history with a FAIR MUSIC VIDEO CONTRACT!

On June first 2012, SAG AFTRA and major record labels, reached an agreement on a contract to cover performers in Music videos!!! I had the distinguished honor of serving on the negotiating committee, and I will NEVER forget how it felt to MAKE HISTORY!!!

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There is not another person I could think of that would be better and more entertaining to put on a show about how dance revolves around life. You'll break a leg watching!!"
-Joey Dowling