These boots were made to last.

Music videos have come a LONG way since this gem was released in 1966,  but to my standards, this blast from the past has all the major components to make a modern day smash hit video shake it it’s… boots (please forgive me for the puns… I have a disease…).

Wardrobe: on point.  Hair and Make Up: stunning.  Set design (use of plywood steps and flags): minimalistic, yet well utilized.  Choreography and Dance: I’m almost speechless… almost…

Firstly, I LIVE for a fierce step touch.  Add a subtle shimmy and a sensible 45 degree  leg graze for the artist, and I’m in music video heaven.  Strong start Nancy.   The first chorus ensamble choreography could be tightened up a bit… but what the ladies lack in cleanliness, they make up for with flare and flooreography in the second verse. From box step to peppermint twist, and of course a stampede of ponies, this video truly has it ALL….

…except for a fair contract I would assume.

How does this video hold up to YOUR music video standards? Could Nancy’s boots battle Beyonce’s?


2 Responses to These boots were made to last.

  1. Miranda Garrison

    Fantastic! I love that “back in the day” there were dance crazes that allowed everyone to jump on the dance floor and groove! We were not afraid to be ridiculous and have our “tongues in our cheeks” so to speak. What an fun time for music and social dance!!!!! Fashion too was very “cheeky.” So happy I was alive to experience it all!!!!!!!!!

  2. cheese

    Miranda, you get 3 points for returning the pun! Do you think the dancers were friends of the artist, or were they found in an audition process like today?

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