Before and After: THE GRAMMYS


JTDWSaturday, February 9th; the day before the Grammys. I spent the day picnicking in the park with some of my best friends. The idea was to celebrate a birthday by playing games (of the “catch the object flying through the air” variety), and sharing a meal (of the “not-so-healthy variety”). Internally, stressing out about catching scarves, and dead-set on avoiding the sugar and alcohol that surrounded me… After all, the next day I’d slip into a Tom Ford suit, perfectly tailored to every curve of my body (and not including any room for tres leches cake thighs or beer belly bulges).


Sunday, February 10th: show day. I spent the morning anxious and in anticipation. Our show run-through went smoothly, and watching the other performances got me all up in love with music and stuff. Then, I spent the afternoon wound up tight in a hair and make up chair, and when it was finally time to put on my suit and tie I felt frazzled/excited/not-quite warm enough… and stunning. After a few good rehearsals in Justin’s dressing room, I felt solid – and after Jack White told me I looked nice… I felt VERY nice. 🙂

Some technical issues put us all on edge, but we (and especially Justin) are professionals. The performance went brilliantly – I think – I don’t remember much about the performance itself except every scarf pass was completed as choreographed and every move came off smooth like buttah on a hot pancake. I DO remember Justin’s glance after our last complete pass, and I remember the sound people made when Jay-Z got out his seat “HOV”… OH, I also remember jumping up and down like schoolgirl boys with Nick Bass and Lyle Beniga. That night I celebrated hard with the love of my life. I drank wine; I had a peanut butter and bacon cheeseburger (yes, it EXISTS), and Yogurtland for desert. I watched the performance at Lyle’s house. I even put on a pair of his Nike boots. The day was a dream from beginning to end… I woke up looking like this…


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